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Latin Mass community of El Paso, TX

Weekday Mass schedule (Last update: 6/26/2020) :

The capacity is limited to 25% or ~65 people.

Mondays: 7:00 am and 12:05 pm
Tuesdays, Wednesdays: 7:00 am
Thursdays: 12:05 pm and 6:30pm
Fridays: 12:05 pm and 6:30pm
Saturdays: 7:30 am and 9:00am

Confessions: 1/2 hour before each Mass and 11:30 am Mon – Fri (still in the garage)

*Sundays are still by lottery and limited to 10 parishioners

 Visits to pray in Church: At this time the faithful are asked to sanitize the pew where they prayed.
Please go to the office to be admitted to the Church

Immaculate Conception Church
118 N Campbell St.
El Paso, TX 79901

Office: (915) 533-3427
Fax: (915) 533-3228
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